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From $1,325,000 to $2,850,428 in 29 months

No matter how good you get

you can always get better,

and that's the exciting part.


       .........Tiger Woods.

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The pictures below are from Jeff's first property where his mentor guided him to purchase this property for $1,325,000 on June 2017. For more details on this 28 units apartment complex please visit's_Village

This might sound too good to be true, but the reality is that a lot of hard work and an average of $9,000 went into each of the 28 apartments to rehab this property. Jeff and his mentor made changes and launched rents from $675 to $1,100 few months after they took over the property.

Now rents went up again to $1,250 (washer and dryer included) and their is more room to grow.

It all started in 2014 when he noticed the company that was managing his 401K was losing his money month after month, yet they were charging him different service fees every month.

While working an average of 70 hours a week with Samsung as an IT engineer, Jeff had a total of $47,000 after closing his 401K account. With some saving, Jeff was able to come up with $100,000. At that point he hired an experience real estate mentor out of Austin, TX to guide him acquire his first deal. At the same time he was able to borrow another $100,000 at 7% interest annually from friends and family two weeks after he had his 28 unit deal under contract. 

Jeff knew investing in real estate was a good way to manage his money, but he didn't know he could make $1,525,428 profit along with his mentor in a total of 29 months on just this property.

On August 2019 Jeff left his corporate job and became a full time real estate owner/investor.


Now that he discovered the power of investing in multifamily apartments, he is committed to do the same his mentor did for him --mentor others to invest while learning the business and guide them so they can double their investments in 5 years or less.

Unfortunately, not all of us have a rich dad or rich uncle that can teach us how to multiply money fast by investing in commercial properties, that's why he wants to help others do the same and build a family legacy for their children and grand children.


So, go ahead reach out to Jeff if you would like to learn how to get started in apartment complexes.


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